Rand Paul Says Jeb Bush Ignores GOP’s Conservative Base

Rand Paul

Rand Paul at 2014 CPAC

Slamming likely GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush as a “moderate,” Sen. Rand Paul — mulling a run of his own — says the former Florida governor’s embrace of a tax-and-spend philosophy and Common Core ignores the party’s conservative base.

In an interview with Breitbart, the Kentucky Republican said Republican voters will have a clear choice when they select the candidate who’ll be their standard-bearer.

“When we have a primary, voters will have to pick whether they want a moderate leading the party or a conservative,” Paul told Breitbart. “That’s what the primary will be about, people presenting their ideas and they’ll have to decide whether they want Common Core, whether they want more spending, more taxes, whether they want a candidate who will not pledge to not raise taxes.

Paul is expected to announce in the coming months whether he’ll run for the White House.

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