SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Shows How Constitution is Violated Under Obama’s Executive Actions

constitutionThere’s a reason the Constitution has our system of government set up to prevent the President from creating laws or changing laws. It’s to prevent the President from becoming or acting as a dictator. If a single person could simply speak a law into existence, he would be a king, emperor, or dictator.

Our system was designed for our elected representatives from all of the states to be the ones to create bills that create or change laws as a group and the President would be the final signature passing the bill. This system ensures the people have a voice through their representatives.

Whether or not you agree with the most recent “Executive Action” by this President is irrelevant. That’s NOT the issue. The United States system of government was set up to protect us from the whims of one single person. The very next so-called, “Executive Order” could be a law that you oppose or that directly harms you or your state. If there is no one to check the President, he becomes a dictator having absolute power.

The Constitution sets up our system to ensure the people have a voice through others who directly represent them rather than only one person having a voice. You might think an “Executive Order” is fine if you agree with the law, but what if someone of an opposing political bend becomes President and simply bypasses all of your elected representatives and our system of government that gives you a voice to change a law simply because he wants it changed? Not only is that illegal, it’s extremely dangerous to allow anyone the kind of power to overrule all other branches of government and every senator and congressman. In fact, the framers of the Constitution fought and died to establish a country that wasn’t under the thumb of a monarch. That’s why a Constitutional system is a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” as Abraham Lincoln said. It was never meant to be run solo and our Founding Fathers warned strongly against such a system which they had just fled.

Basically an “Executive Order” is an action that is done without you having any representation or say. It is an action by one single person forcing three-hundred-million American citizens to comply. It ignores voting, elections, representatives, states, cities, counties, and, of course, the Constitutional system of government.

Saturday Night Live recently provided us with a comical look at a so-called “Executive Action,” that shows the absurdity of President Obama’s recent actions and any President who places himself on the level of king by ignoring everyone else and the due process of law.

It was, in fact, the very point of the creation of the United States to execute “Executive Orders.” We have strayed far from our founding and it is costing us dearly. Please share this post.

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