Rand Paul Sounds Off On ‘Biggest whopper’ in Obamacare

randpaulSenator Rand Paul said that government had “reached a new level of incompetence” with Obamacare in referring to President Obama’s broken promises of:

1. Promising that no one would lose their insurance.
2. Promising that Americans would get to keep their doctor if they wanted.
3. And his promise that Obamacare would not add to the deficit/national debt.

Those three promises have now been reversed by the Obama administration and referred to by Obama supporters as merely a “political lie” to help Obama get elected. According to some of his highly visible supporters, we should understand that he knew what was best and that we would reject it if he told us the truth.

Senator Paul also shared a few new revelations on Obamacare, such as Obamacare taxing Americans based on the health care plan they choose – yet another Obama lie in that he promised that he would not raise taxes with Obamacare.

Senator Paul then goes on to talk about why he insists on the Federal Reserve being audited. (Video Below)

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