Interview With Alex of “Wears My Liberty” Clothing

1. Was there a particular issue that brought you into the liberty movement? If not, what brought you in?

I only started paying attention to anything political after September 11th.  And I have to admit that I bought in to the message that the government was selling.

From 2001 through 2007 I was a straight Republican voter.  I believed in limited government, lower spending and free markets.  Republican candidates claimed to also stand for those things so I would vote for anyone with an “R” next to their name without doing any research.

In 2008 I happened to come across an episode of Glenn Beck where he was showing how both Republicans and Democrats have grown government when they were in charge.  That’s when I started to question things.

From there I started watching Stossel and Judge Napolitano’s shows and found myself agreeing with what they were saying.  I eventually considered myself libertarian and got interested in learning as much as I could.

While watching the one of the debates in 2011 a moderator slipped and let Ron Paul say too much.  That led to hours of watching YouTube videos of Ron Paul and feeling like there was finally a candidate that represented me.

Watching the movie “For Liberty” about Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign was where I learned about Ron Paul Forums.  I signed up there and got involved working on one of the money bombs.  That was where I’d say I finally got involved in the liberty movement and led me to where I am today.

2. What are you doing online to spread the message?

One way would be through our Facebook page and trying to create and post images that our fans can share.  The great thing about Facebook is that it’s a perfect way for people to share the liberty message with their friends.

When you like, comment and share something it shows up in the news feed of your friends and they are exposed to the ideas of liberty in a relaxed way without being confronted.  I think that having people see the truth themselves and planting seeds in their mind is a much better way to win them over than through confrontation and debate.  It’s tough for people to admit they were wrong and it’s much easier for them to feel like they changed on their own.

Another fun way that has come as a surprise is a page on our site titled “What Is Liberty?”.  The page was only added as an afterthought to help anyone who came across the site that wasn’t clear on the definition of liberty.  But it ended up being one of the top results on Google for that phrase so we get visitors every day from all over the world who are searching for the meaning of liberty.  It’s really encouraging to see that people in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, Uganda etc. looking to learn about liberty.

3.  What do you think it will take to turn this country around?

That’s a tough question.  I think it will take both teaching the public and getting our people involved politically.

Ron Paul’s presidential runs didn’t accomplish political victory for himself but he did wake up millions of people and get them questioning things like the Patriot Act, the Federal Reserve and our foreign policy.

The other part of it will be to get members of the liberty movement involved in politics.  We need people on our side to run for local offices like city council, school board and state representative.  And we need to make sure we support people that run for Congress like Justin Amash and Thomas Massie.

As much as we all don’t like the current two-party system I think that we need to use it to our advantage.  Don’t worry so much about whether you have an “R”, “D”, “L” or whatever next to your name.  Run in whatever party it takes to win.

When more of our members got involved with their local GOP we will be able to select more of our candidates to run for office.  And when they do they will then have the backing and financial support of the Republican party.  The old establishment party members currently in power won’t like it, but with our growing numbers it will be much tougher for them to ignore or fight us.

4.  Are you hopeful for a turnaround? Does a particular candidate or more than one give you hope?

I am hopeful for the future.   I think more people are waking up and coming to our side.  I actually think that one of the biggest reasons is that the people in power have tried to push a little too far and a little too fast.  When you go slowly you can make changes incrementally and nobody notices that they are losing their liberty.  But when you go too fast they will push back.

Having Justin Amash, Thomas Massie and Rand Paul in Congress is promising.  They’ve shown that even an “irate, tireless minority” can have a large impact.  And them winning is a good sign that we can elect more like them.

5. What’s your best-selling product and why do you think it is?

We sold more “Ron Paul Revolution” shirts during the campaign and then it shifted towards the “An Idea Whose Time Has Come” shirt.  Overall now they’ve actually sold equally well.

Just recently though the best selling item has been our “Rand Paul 2016 – The rEVOLution Continues” bumper sticker.  It’s pretty amazing to see how fast Rand Paul has exploded in popularity.  Just six months ago I wouldn’t have imagined many people even knowing who Rand Paul was – and especially not putting Rand Paul 2016 stickers on their car in 2013.

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