Assaulted Ron Paul Delegate Runs for Congress

Assaulted Ron Paul Delegate Runs for Congress

Submitted by Keith Thompson

Henry Herford was the Louisiana delegate for Ron Paul who had his hip dislocated by the LAGOP at their state convention. Louisiana has a special election for their 5th district congressman and Mr. Herford is running as a Libertarian candidate!

Below is the press release that will be sent out tomorrow announcing his campaign:

Franklin Parish resident and Libertarian Henry Herford will seek the congressional seat resigned by Republican Rodney Alexander. He will qualify Aug. 20.

Herford decided to run after seeing what he called a decline in D.C. He doesn’t think the GOP or the Democratic Party are interested in representing their constituents but serve, rather, their own special interests.

“It’s ‘tweedle dee’ and ‘tweedle dum.’ Nobody is getting anything done. Neither party is better than the other.”

The Libertarian Party candidate said he’s not a career politician. He was a school teacher for more than 20 years before retiring to go into real estate. He taught Agriculture at Delhi.

“I’m not a career politician, and it seems like everyone of them [his opponents] is using their current job as a stepping stone.”

Herford said he’s not interested in passing legislation, really.

“Instead of passing more laws, I’d like to see more laws repealed. I’d like to shrink the government,” he said. “If it’s not constitutional, it doesn’t need to be.”

He vows to vote to cut down and stop domestic spying programs by the NSA, something which Alexander voted to continue just before resigning.

“We have to remember what Ben Franklin said: we cannot give up essential liberty for the sake of security,” Herford said.

The official campaign website will be at

Facebook page may be found at

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