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Rand Paul Questions Secretary Johnson On Privacy at HSGAC Hearing

Senator Rand Paul questioned secretary Johnson on the governments bypassing of the Constitutional requirement to gain a warrant before spying on the phone calls of Americans. The discussion got somewhat heated and Johnson’s response is more than a bit concerning. Watch the video or read some quotes here.

Is your privacy safe in traffic? 0

How your travels are tracked this holiday season

It’s that time again. We’re on the move — feasting, sharing, shopping, giving thanks. And we are being tracked every step of the way. So here’s a quick guide to the state of the unblinking electronic eye, 2014 Holiday Edition.


Federal government to monitor Twitter, track conservative users, determine what is either ‘true’ or ‘hate speech’

In August, The Washington Free Beacon, an investigative news website that focuses primarily on exposing government abuses of power, reported that the Obama Administration was committing $1 million in tax money to the creation of an online database that was to track “misinformation” and so-called “hate speech” on Twitter social media feeds.

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