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Federal Gas Tax Hike would Hurt Consumers and Encourage Overspending

Just when American motorists thought it affordable to get back on the highways this summer, some Washington lawmakers are calling for massive increases to the federal gas tax. While there is currently a highway-funding gap, the answer is not to raise taxes but to reign in waste. Increasing the gas tax will not only worsen Washington’s spending problem, but will have American taxpayers picking up the tab. Full article.

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The New Militarism: Who Profits?

Militarism and military spending are everywhere on the rise, as the new Cold War propaganda seems to be paying off. The new “threats” that are being hyped bring big profits to military contractors and the network of think tanks they pay to produce pro-war propaganda. Read More.


Senate Democrats Oppose ‘Audit Fed’ Bill

According to the statements of democrats on the Senate Banking committee made to Reuters, they are united in opposition to a bill proposed by Senator Rand Paul that would force the U.S. Federal Reserve to undergo a congressional audit.


The Fed Lashes Out at Rand Paul

The Federal Reserve is lashing out at Sen. Rand Paul’s plan to give Congress more oversight over the central bank, a proposal that could gain traction in the new Republican-led Congress.

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