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Rand Paul Is The Only Candidate Against Obamatrade

Many Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio supporters have been left stunned by the two Republican’s support of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), also called Obamatrade, and its massive expansion of Obama’s executive authority and the authority of foreign bodies over the data of U.S. citizens. Rubio even channeled Nancy Pelosi’s comments on Obamacare with himself saying that the Obamatrade bill had to first be passed in order for us to know what is in it. Rand Paul was quick to respond by saying, “We should read legislation before we vote on it.” MORE

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Federal Gas Tax Hike would Hurt Consumers and Encourage Overspending

Just when American motorists thought it affordable to get back on the highways this summer, some Washington lawmakers are calling for massive increases to the federal gas tax. While there is currently a highway-funding gap, the answer is not to raise taxes but to reign in waste. Increasing the gas tax will not only worsen Washington’s spending problem, but will have American taxpayers picking up the tab. Full article.

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