Man Busts Myth That “Rich” Don’t Pay “Fair Share”

Ryan Moran is a small business owner in the United States. That means that while he pays large sums of money in taxes (income taxes, payroll taxes, excise taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, and more), employees people, and supplies goods that people want to buy, he is still villainized by people who don’t know what it’s like to run a business and who, usually, don’t pay much in taxes themselves.

It’s difficult to reason with someone who thinks that it’s fair for them to pay zero or 15% of their income in taxes but that someone paying 30% of their income isn’t paying their “fair share.” One interesting part of the video is when Ryan reveals that the money he’s paying to the IRS is on behalf of his business. In other words, he is paying out of his savings. If he didn’t do that, his business would not be able to pay the taxes piled on him by our government and would be forced to close its doors.

This story just further shows the sad state we are in as a country where we’ve given the government the power to leave someone destitute by taking the money that they earn. We’ve given them that power and many want to give them more power to take more from us! It is such a far, far cry from the founding of this country which had no income tax at all in its beginning and the very idea that the government could tax someone’s income was considered abhorrent.

We’ve given the government of American power on the same level that caused our founders to revolt against the British monarchy. It is strikingly the same as when there were two types of people – the ruling class and serfs. For hundreds of years in America, people have been free to succeed. But now there’s a war against success. The government ruling class can’t stand the idea that we-the-people have dared to rise above serfdom. And so naive people who think they’re poor, when they are actually among the world’s rich, are suckered into thinking that outlawing success is going to be good for them. But let’s be clear, when taxes go up on income, it makes it harder for everyone to save, to invest and to better yourself. It kills dreams. The road to success becomes harder which means there will be more poor people. Plus, when the fruits of our labor are taken from us, we are in fact, slaves by definition. I long for a return to the America when success wasn’t coveted and demonized, but was allowed to happen by simply allowing people the freedom to be successful. See the video below.

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