Federal government to monitor Twitter, track conservative users, determine what is either ‘true’ or ‘hate speech’

dreamstimefree_245546(NaturalNews) In August, The Washington Free Beacon, an investigative news website that focuses primarily on exposing government abuses of power, reported that the Obama Administration was committing $1 million in tax money to the creation of an online database that was to track “misinformation” and so-called “hate speech” on Twitter social media feeds.

The report noted that the project was being financed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) — an “independent” agency created by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, to “increase the Nation’s base of scientific and engineering knowledge and strengthen its ability to conduct research in all areas of science and engineering,” among other things, according to the Federal Register site of government agencies.

The aim of the NSF project was to create a web service designed to monitor “suspicious memes” and what project directors deemed “false and misleading ideas.” A major focus, the WFB reported in August, was “political activity online.” Full Story.

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